Saturday, July 26, 2008

X-Files I Want To Believe

I wanted to believe too!
After all it's been six years since the series ended and ten years since the first movie "Fight The Future". I wanted to believe that it wouldn't be lame or a sort of last ditch effort to cash in on the franchise. I also wanted to be tall, and much like that fantasy somethings just aren't going to happen.

I won't give any spoilers- there are enough other people doing that. I will just give my general opinion. If the story had been an hour long episode it would have been decent as a film that lasts somewhere between "Cool! X-Files" to "My God Is This Ever Going To End?" it was just dragged. If you are hoping for a lot of connections to the show, or even to the first movie, do not hold your breath. It was like they took everything I loved about the X-Files and threw it away.

Honestly, I should have taken my ticket money and gone to "Step Brothers" instead!

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