Sunday, May 4, 2008

Iron Man Uses A Dell?

Iron Man is the first big movie of 2008.

Well DUH! it's not like that is something that just about everyone on the planet doesn't already know. And while I promise no spoilers will be found here I am going to echo about 900 zillion geeks world wide when I tell you it kicked ass.

I went in knowing zip about the Iron Man comic. I went because I am a sucker for any movie that features cool gadgets and explosions- and if they happen to be together in one movie then that's my kind of movie!
Guess what, not only is the many, many explosions. Enough gadgets to keep the Blogs drooling for months. But Robert Downey Jr. looks pretty fine in a suit. And if there is one thing I like more then gadgets and exsplosions it a hot guy in a good suit

I will skip the social comentary of the movie. I don't look for popcorn movies to meld with my personal political views. No what I want to ask is the deep probing question.
The question that I wonder why it has not been posed more.

With all of the great equipment Tony Stark has. With all of his skills building his own computers and machines (see the movie and you will know where I am coming from) can someone please explain to me WHY his office computer is a Dell?!!!

Yes, yes, I know the real answer is of course product placement. But are we really expected to beleive a geek of Tony Starks level would own let alone use in his personal office a Dell?

Don't get me wrong I have nothing againest Dell. I just really think they pushed things a little too far asking us to believe that Tony would use something so domestic. Next thing they are going to tell us those great suits come from Men's Wearhouse.

Nope, sorry guys. I am willing to believe that there could be a super hot, super genius who on top of being witty and charming can build a device that keeps him alive AND a huge metal suit that flies, boosts an impressive array of weapons. AND that he could speed on a traffic free L.A. freeway (in the middle of the day no less!) and not get pulled over. Yeah, I am willing to say all of that could fly. I just refuse to believe he would actually use a Dell.

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